Nick Bonovas is a Sydney born artist motivated by a strong, Greek family history. Nick showed both interest and a natural talent for art from the age of 5, with drawing becoming one of his earliest hobbies.

Raised by Greek parents, Nick developed a strong passion for Greek art inspired by Greek history, with a particular interest in Ancient Greece. He has spent a significant amount of time researching and understanding significant historical events to ensure accuracy in his pieces.  Exuding both an incredible artistic talent and a devoted attitude towards completing pieces perfectly, Nick has since become an established artist who continually impresses viewers.

Nick wants his audience to be moved by his work, become a part of it, and appreciate both the history and culture that has inspired him. Nick’s favourite medium to create with is oil, and he also really enjoys using graphite pencils when creating black and white drawings. His artistic inspiration varies from imagination, music, history, mythology, photographs, and real-life scenarios. Nick is remarkably talented in reproducing on canvas the human form. Figurative art is one of his greatest artistic passions evident as he beautifully captures the individuals’ essence in every work of art.

Several artists have also inspired Nick throughout his diverse career including Rembrandt for his use of light and Caravaggio for his bold real-life appearance of subjects. Over the years, Nick has developed his own unique style when telling stories through his art he has exhibited including large murals where viewers are taken on a journey or graced by his vivid and realistic work. He continues to paint realism and on occasion elements of surrealism and other contemporary forms.

Nick currently resides in Sydney, Australia and is available for commissions.


For Commissions, purchases, or enquiries

Email nickbonart@gmail.com

Nick Bon Art
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